1. Lavender

From the recording Forever


I'm not asking for anything
And I'll deny what I feel
My heart is lying I tell myself
And nothing I say is real
I tell myself it's fiction
One stranger than truth
But I'm trapped in a fantasy
Lost in thoughts of you
I'll deny all the things I've said
I'll tell myself it's all in my head

Then my heart starts to unwind
I seem to lose my place in time
I'll have another glass of wine
And lavender dreams of you
My world turns red and blue
With all the things I'd like to do
When I close my eyes and think of you in lavender

I won't admit to anything
I'll wear this mask I've made
Carry my heart in a cage
I'll let it out one day
I'll pretend you're just a friend
If you're anything at all
Just one more drink and I'll think
I'm indestructible...

I'll never tell you exactly what I want
I'll complain to myself when everything falls apart

I wish I could resist you
I want to fade away
I want to remember what it was like
The day before we met...