1. Subway Zen

From the recording Forever


It's the age of information
Our lives moving at the speed of light
Is it a method of assimilation
Everything changes overnight
It's the age of exploitation
Modern toys to sell our fears
Providing instant gratification
In this mindless atmosphere

Sometimes you have to look around it
Sometimes you have to look away

It's a kind of consideration
To offer the world a deaf ear
To question our configuration Let absurdity disappear
Our power resides in the filters
To tune out a negating force
A blank aura from a passing stranger
You ignore without remorse

Sometimes you have to ignore the static
Sometimes you need to walk away

We have to live in this world
But it doesn't mean anything
If we don't let it get us down
We always have choices
And the ones we make
Have a way of coming around

We get daily saturation
More data than we need
Just another aberration
Moving towards us at unfathomed speed
We get a sense of acceleration
While standing frozen in line
A healthy dose of asphyxiation
But never any breathing time

Sometimes you just want to scream
Sometimes you need to run away