1. Darwin's Blues

From the recording Forever


A man seeking answers
Looks to the sky
Asks the universe to enlighten him
Without an answer, he invents God
With stories he designed to frighten us.
A poor man looking for his place
Tired of competing with his peers
He wants to be king for a day
He invents a god for us to fear

Words passed along not for the reasons we were told
They created a monster for us to behold
In the name of God, we are under assault
From the insanity brought upon us

They say God gave us freewill
If we use it, he'll kill us
Now isn't that evil?
Seven days they pray, our souls to keep
Molested by their God
The devil sings us to sleep

They say God is real
And God must kill
The infidels who only seek truth
Charlie, if you were alive today
You'd shake your head and laugh
Because the myth still thrives
In this modern age

Why should they search for proof
When a fairy tale provides the answers?
Why should they accept the truth
When blind faith moves imaginary mountains?
I painted a picture of ignorance
A man of God disputing irrefutable evidence
You recognized the zealots and smiled
Said "Fools are still fools"
Even today, your trial goes on

All the piety and all the praise
No substitute for knowledge in these days
Powerless,complacent, the blind are led
Starved for knowledge, never to be fed
You and I are above it, but they drag us down
Because the truth we know threatens their power
We don't belong to their kingdom at all
But we remain, in chains
Prisoners of it